Local vs Corporate Restaurants 3/19/2021

I like so many people enjoy going out to eat every now and then. If I'm going out with some friends, family or even on a date, I usually find myself asking if we should go to a chain or local restaurant. With the chain restaurants, usually, the menu is pretty basic, the drinks are unique and the serve is corporate. Meaning the servers are there to upsell you because they have a quota or sales number that they need to reach every night. When I'm out with friend's or even going on a date at these places, I can feel the selling tactics that they use to get me to buy another drink or even dessert after a full meal. I respect it because they are doing what they have been taught by their managers in their them and trying to make more money. I've learned that their serve is just alright and the food is okay at a reasonable price that won't empty the pockets. All in all the experience is just alright for me. Usually get seated in a reasonable time, if I'm looking for a flavored cocktail, they usually have it and the food is okay at a sensible price.

On the other side, when I go to a smaller restaurant out in South Bay, usually there might be a longer wait because they don't seat as many people. When I go to a place for sushi such as Okana Umi in Torrance or want to get some good Mexican food over at Kalaveras in Redondo Beach, the energy at places like these are upbeat and positive. It makes the going out experience that much better! The servers there aren't looking to meet a quota, they make the experience seem more personable. When it comes to their drinks, they usually don't have the fanciest drinks like the corporate places. I'm someone who doesn't need all the flavors in their drink. Just need a beer, wine or good cold sake to enjoy for the night. Then the food comes out, it's usually always delicious. It might cost a little more then the corporate restaurants because they are paying for quality over quantity. Not as many people may come into the smaller restaurant then the chains, so they don't need to buy as much food but will buy the better quality depending on the place. 

For me, I want to always support the smaller restaurants because I feel as if I'm getting more of a personal experience with them compared to the bigger joints. With the mom and pop shops, they are looking to make a connection with me because they want me to come back. I know with my experience going out, I've noticed that the owners of the smaller shops are talking more with the customers, making that connection with them asking how their experience is going. That is what makes me want to go back to a place. Knowing that the owner believes in his product and is there to make me feel like I am important to them. If you're asking me where I would like to go, it's going to be the local restaurants because of the reasons above as well as I know that I am helping someone who is trying to live out their dream and not just a corporation where they will find someone new to run the show.